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Video Tributes

Thanks to our Directors' former professions we are uniquely placed to create and develop a wide range of bespoke multimedia tributes for you and your loved one.

From video presentations and photo montages to bespoke recordings of unpublished music, nothing is unachievable.

This page shows just a few examples of what we are able to offer. These are purely for illustration - please call us on 01209 211684 to discuss your requirements.

In 2020, Treswithian Downs Crematorium were unable to host their annual Evening of Remembrance and Carols, so they turned to us for help.

Thanks to very generous friends and colleagues we were able to arrange audio and video recordings of Christmas Carols, with each singer recording in their own home.

In our purpose-built studio using expertise gained through previous careers we were able to edit and mix the audio and video of the Carols themselves, before stitching them together to give the final product which you can view here in its entirety.

In April 2021 during the first Lockdown of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the CFS team with friends from the Amateur Dramatic circuit were amongst the first in the UK to bring musicians together from their own homes.

We expected 50 or so contributions from local musicians and singers and were overwhelmed when 200+ performers sent in videos.

The end result was the first Lockdown Cornwall video, 'One Day More', which has accrued nearly 48,000 views on YouTube.

Find out more on the Lockdown Cornwall website.

Audio Tributes

When a former Scouting Master passed away, his family wanted to hear a specific version of The Scout Hymn at his funeral.

There is no professional recording of this version in existence, so our only option was to create one from scratch.

We were able to access the sheet music and, once again, called on the singing talents of very generous friends to record the vocal tracks in their own homes.

This unique service meant that the bereaved family were able to have music which, prior to their funeral, was entirely unavailable.

The Scout Hymn

Recorded and Produced by Cornwall Funeral Services