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Unattended Funerals, sometimes called ‘Direct Cremations’, are exactly as described. Through TV advertising, mailshots and other similar channels they are becoming increasingly popular, giving rise to the variety of national companies now advertising their services.

Only three people are present at an Unattended Funeral; two of our caring team and a chapel attendant. There is no service as such – no readings or eulogy, and no mourners – hence the name. The Unattended Funeral is very much an option to consider for all, whether the deceased expressed a wish for there to be ‘no fuss’, or is the last of a family line etc. There is obviously a cost implication, too, with most funeral providers offering an ‘all inclusive’ price under £1,000.

We would urge caution when considering using a national company for what is one of the most important things you will ever do for your loved one. In our experience families find themselves having to deal with remote salespeople online or, at best, by phone. Being able to sit in your own home having a face to face meeting with a genuinely local professional, who has as long as it takes to spend with you, is a gentler way of managing what is already an incredibly upsetting process. With this in mind, and in keeping with our family-focused ethos, we guarantee that the person you meet to make the arrangements will be there with your loved one on the day for their final journey.

Often, it is actually cheaper to use a Cornish funeral director. Below are some examples of big, corporate businesses compared to our local team.

Direct Cremation Comparison V6

* The Doctor’s Fee is paid to the doctor who signs the Medical Certificates for cremation (Form 4)

**Charges the £82 Doctors Fee whether required or not

What most national chains also omit from their advertising is that their cremations do not necessarily happen locally, with some transporting the deceased from their home in Cornwall as far afield as Andover in Hampshire, and even Cambridgeshire. This is part of how they bring their advertised ‘headline prices’ down, but don’t be fooled. They may sometimes – but not always – charge a few pounds less than a local family business, but could well add a fee of £100 or more to return cremated remains to you (as opposed to a local independent firm who would not dream of charging for this).

When the time comes, the deceased person is escorted to a local crematorium by two of our dedicated team where we are greeted by a chapel attendant. Gentle, appropriate music is played throughout. Whilst not routinely offered by all providers, the option is very much available to play requested music – perhaps the deceased person’s favourite piece. With the attendant we rest the deceased on the catafalque and bow respectfully whilst the curtains close; a stark contrast to the ‘conveyor belt’ approach adopted by the nameless nationals.

If you think an Unattended Funeral might be the right option for you or your loved one, or just want to find out a bit more, don’t hesitate to call 01209 211684 for our Redruth branch or 01736 362781 for our Newlyn branch for a chat with one of our friendly team.

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